Artist Statement

“Where there’s a will question, there’s a way project.”

A nagging question lies at the heart of all my work—whether in photography, installation, portrait_jessBWc72interactive media, or video/animation. I’m especially curious about boring things—infrastructural appendages, blots on the sidewalk, dysfunctional technology, you name it. Chances are, to me, it won’t be boring at all.

My work makes connections between seemingly disparate ideas: utopia & failure, sensitivity & censorship, banal & fantastic. I want to seed alternate ways of considering something, to re-wire our relationship to it. I start by collecting a small obsession until a new question emerges from my creative compost. Usually, it begins with “What if…”

The Phantasmagoria of Offense began as a “collage history,” in the form of a lyric essay. Because “history” is often seen as disconnected or abstract, I wanted to animate these moments, and bring them into a lively conversation and/or fever dream. I trust the viewer to draw her/his own connections and hope it will inspire further questions.

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