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Featured Artist Works

I am deeply grateful for the use of the following artists’ works in this film, listed in order of appearance.


Tony Matelli


installation at Wellesley College, 2014


Robert Mapplethorpe


gelatin silver print, 1982

Mark Stevens (Mr. 10 1/2)

gelatin silver print, 1973

Ken Moody and Robert Sherman

gelatin silver print, 1984


gelatin silver print, 1983

Calla Lily

gelatin silver print, 1988


Giorgio De Chirico

The Enigma of a Day

oil on canvas, 1914


Gerardo Dottori


oil on canvas, 1929


Andres Serrano

Piss Christ

cibachrome print, 1987


Melissa Peterson

I Have Fear

gallery installation, 2011


Felix Gonzales-Torres

“Untitled” (Go-Go Dancing Platform)

gallery installation, 1991


Tim Miller

Lay of the Land

film still, 2009


Marlon Riggs

Tongues Untied

film still, 1989


I also make visual or textual reference to the following artists’ works:


William Pope L.

Member (a.k.a. A Schlong Journey)

public performance, 1997


David Wojnarowicz

Untitled, (in collaboration with Phil Zwickler and Rosa von Praunheim)

still from the film “Silence = Death”, 1990


“Alpheus and Arethusa”

by Roman School painters, Carlo Maratta, René Antoine Houasse