This is the offline version of Tropical America -
all scenes and player options are working, although your game record can not be saved.
It is recommended to play each section (sugar, melon, corn or grapes) until you win a piece of evidence, to avoid repetion.


I want to be / Quiero ser:


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Tropical America fuses the new world of video games to a compelling past through a journey to unravel the mysteries of the Americas. Developed in collaboration with Los Angeles artists, teachers, writers and high school students, the game features a bilingual, thematic gameplay, accompanied by an online database of educational resource materials, source texts and imagery. Tropical America has been archived on the Rhizome ArtBase, though it no longer accepts new logins.

© OnRamp Arts, 2002
  América Tropical fusiona el nuevo mundo de los video-juegos con el pasado latinoamericano, para crear una experiencia interactiva y renovadora de la geografía política y cultural de las Américas. El video-juego se desarrolló en colaboración con artistas, profesores, escritores y estudiantes de secundaria de Los Angeles, y cuenta con una interfase bilingüe y temática, acompañada con una base de datos de materiales educativos.