Jess Irish is currently a principle faculty within the School of Art, Media & Technology at Parsons School of Design. Her recent courses include:

MFA Design & Technology Thesis 2

Spring semester production of final year-long thesis works

Hybrid Works: Image & Text

Cross-MFA course bringing together writers and media makers to explore new forms.

Co-Taught with LB Thompson

Integrative Studio 1

First year undergraduate course on design methods, in conjunction with a seminar

Integrative Seminar 1

First year undergraduate course on design concepts, in conjunction with a study

Collab: Design + Science for Climate Change

Cross-university course for creating design engagements to communicate energy issues

Co-Taught with Bhawani Venkataraman

Core Lab: 4D

Time-based production course for students in Illustration, focused on animation


Iterative making for students in Design & Technology BFA program

Topics: Narrative

Independently-driven projects for students working with narrative in non-linear formats

Collab: Participatory City

Mixed level course to collaborate in creating urban interfaces for public participation

Co-Taught with Jane Pirone