Traversing the City

[ installation ]

Can a combination of photographs, maps, and census data begin to tell a story about a city? 

Can the photographic perceptions illuminate the cities history, demography and possible future?

What larger urban themes are visible in this portrait of  Wilmington, DE?

As part of the Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts Artist and Community Visual Arts Programartists-in-residence Jessica Irish and Stephen Metts worked with a team of young artists from the Flecher Brown Boys & Girls club to develop a photo-based mapping installation that documents the city of Wilmington. 2005

The culmination of this project is Transversing the City, a multi-media installation that utilizes immersive physical space with street level documentation, census data, and perceptions of the participants.  The project aims to spatially and socially illuminate the challenges and possibilities found in the city of Wilmington.

About the street photographs:

The documented streets of Wilmington were chosen along major street axes that span participants’ neighborhoods as well as the city at large. 

The streets chosen for this project include: the I-95, Market St.,
11th, Concord Pike, Vandever St., Northeast Blvd, Gov. Printz
Blvd and 4th St. These streets were chosen along major street
axes that span their resident neighborhoods and the city at large.

The photographs were taken throughout the summer program,
hosted by the DCCA and the F. Brown Boys & Girls Club. The I-95
is represented, as it is a significant demarcation between the east
and west portion of the city.

details from N. Market, Northeastern, and 11th St.

Installed at the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art,
main lobby August – September 2005

About the Project Data:

The demographic statistics running along each street are taken from the
2000 US Census. The selected categories were chosen as they
illuminate important characteristics of urban space – both regarding the
physical infrastructure as well as the demography of Wilmington residents.

This small selection of data can provide an illuminating layer of information about the represented neighborhoods of Wilmington. This data, however, is not an exact or complete representation of these communities. It does indicate patterns and trends in the physical fabric and demographic nature of Wilmington.

Online Resources:

The Social Data Analysis Network of the University of Michagan

How Segregated is your City?

DCCA Artists in Residence

Jess Irish
Stephen Metts

Artists from Boys & Girls Club

Tyreka Burton
Cory Burke
Jalen Brown
Vincent Cooper
Jakeera Davis
Erin Harrison
Darrius Holden
Jibri Hollis
Kathi Milem
Jessica Minor
Tiana Pratcher
Jyree Scott
Diquan Spence
Shakira Thomas
Tevin Tucker
Jabbar Vaughn
Arielle Woods

Project Organizers

Holly Bennett, DCCA Education Program
Jeff Chase, Pegasus Artworks, BGC of DE
Joel Riley, F. Brown Boys & Girls Club

Project Supporters

National Endowment for the Arts
ING Direct Kids Foundation
The Christmas Shop
Wellesley College

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